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Shmooganography is back for its 13th year of hiding messages at the con, sponsored again by Praxis Engineering. For the n00bies, Shmooganography is an implementation from Steganography, which is the art of hiding messages "in plain sight," such as using invisible ink that's revealed under a blacklight or embedding an image within an image. The challenge is simple; find the hidden messages around the con. The messages are not encrypted, but they are not obvious either. We use various steganographic techniques - some off the shelf and some home-rolled.

For the sixth year, Praxis Engineering is sponsoring this challenge. There will be small prizes given to the first person (or team) who solves stages 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. The person or team who conquers all five levels and guess the theme related to the CODEWORDs first wins the top prize of $500 (and we mean those crisp $100 bills - not those cheesy plastic gift card crap.)

If you are still reading, then you must be interested in winning the cash. Perfect. Here is how you play. This year, you, a hacker with extraordinary skills who can travel ("walk/hack") between the real, digital, and electromagnetic universes ("planes" - aka a Planeshacker - will tap your mana, cast your spells, and become the master 1337 hacker of the con ("the Gathering"). You will use your steg skills to find clues across five stages of the con battlespace. The game is organized to challenge everyone with various skill levels. Don't worry if you get stumped; clues will be releases throughout the weekend.

SO -- DO YOU WANT TO PLAY to win $500 in Cold Hard Cash!?!? Register your team now!!

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YOUR CLUE: I hope you assembled your deck. Some advise... Don't lose sight of the cards that have been played.